While spring might be the best time to put your home on the market, that’s not possible for every homeowner.  If you couldn’t start selling your home during the height of buying season you can still sell your home for a great price during the Fall and Winter seasons.  Here at Team Wilford of Keller Williams, we provide six steps to selling during the colder weather seasons.

  1. Take photos of the house before the weather turns cold such as; beautiful sunny days. As sellers you to take full advantage of the beauty of the home during spring and summer when the outdoors is still green and lush.
  2. Create a virtual video tour of the home. Providing a virtual tour especially in areas where the weather could be stormy, offering potential buyers the opportunity to see the home first in the comfort of their own home is incredibly helpful.
  3. Keep the house warm. Keeping the temperature warm will keep your potential buyers inside longer. Having a small fire going in your fireplace will provide a cozy and inviting space away from the cold weather.
  4. Keep blinds and window curtains open to allow as much sunlight in as possible.
  5. Design an atmosphere that suits each season. In colder months you can invite buyers to stay for a little longer. You can do this by having a warm beverage and winter foods. You can truly use this as an opportunity to make them feel at home and hopefully, they will be very soon.
  6. Use the holiday season as an opportunity to use this time to create an environment that conveys the love and joy that has been shared in the home, so buyers will be more eager to move in to create their own memories.