The New Year with Real Estate


We are already a week into the new year. Many are well into their new year goals going strong. Some of you have different goals this year. You may want to finally buy your first home, move out of your current home, invest in other types of real estate such as land, apartments, rentals or even commercial. This might seem a bit over your head, and with the proper guidance and knowledge, you can accomplish this goal.  You can begin by meeting with a licensed real estate agent. There are many wonderful realtors in this beautiful city. You could start by meeting with any friends or other agents you may know of. Finding the right agent is imperative for your goal. Every agent has their distinct way of doing things, which makes them who they are. It is best to find who you mesh with the best. Real estate is a very personal and a huge life decision, it is best to do it with someone you know you can trust and work well with. It is a relationship that can benefit you for years to come by choosing the best agent for you and your real estate needs.


Starting this search for finding the best agent for your needs is by making a list of questions, making sure your finances are in place, getting pre-approved, making a list of your wants, list of what you don’t want and the location you wish. The agent may have more questions for you and this will give you a strong start and helpful information for the agent you choose to work with.



Here a few examples that will help you get started on your goals. You may wonder when is the best time to start. Starting now is your best option so you will know what the next steps are and your agent can keep you updated on the current trends on the market.


Are you looking to buy, sell, or invest?




What are you wanting to buy?


Have you been pre-approved by a lender? , if approved how much are you approved for?


How many houses do you need?


What area would you like to move?





How much do you think your house is worth?


Have you had your house appraised recently?


Are there any repairs needed?


Do you still owe mortgage payments on your home?





What are you wanting to invest in real estate?

How often are you wanting to invest?



Do you have a certain budget for your investing?


Do you have a certain location on where you like to invest?